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Links to Other Speakers

I have personally seen these speakers, and enjoyed them. So while I can’t be held responsible for what they get up to in the future (or the past), I do recommend them!

In no particular order:

  • Matt Parker
    Stand up Maths
  • Colin Wright
    Research and Industrial Mathematician, Juggler Extraordinaire and Maths Speaker
  • Katie Steckles
    Manchester based mathematician, puzzle-setter, speaker and monthly MathsJam organiser.
  • Simon Singh
    Author, journalist and science communicator
  • Hannah Fry
    Mathematician, author, presenter, speaker
  • Rob Eastaway
    Runs the Maths Inspiration events
  • James Grime
    Known particularly for the Enigma Project and his Numberphile YouTube appearances
  • Ted Graham
    University of Plymouth, Director of The Centre for Teaching Mathematics
  • Maths Busking
    Putting performance back into mathematics!

Other Links

  • Xaos
    Realtime fractal zoomer – as used in several of my talks
  • Geogebra
    A free and incredibly powerful dynamic geometry package – use it!