Booking Ben

Booking and fees:

To arrange a visit get in touch via the contact form on this site.

Details of fees are all subject to your exact requirements, so nothing on here represents a formal quote, but roughly speaking these are normal fees for school events. Each session is approximately one hour, and can be for students or teachers. I am, of course, happy to negotiate details since every event is different.

  • One workshop/talk/lecture session: £350
  • Two sessions (i.e. roughly a half day visit): £550
  • Three sessions (i.e. an all day visit): approx £650, but discuss this with me first
  • Four sessions or more – Please get in touch to discuss this, but approximately £700+
  • plus travel/accommodation expenses as required, from Bath, UK, at 45p per mile (HMRC guidance) for petrol, or equivalent public transport costs.

The situation for events with an entrance fee may be somewhat different, so please discuss this with me.

You may wish to check whether there are grants available for funding an event like this:

  • the Royal Institution regularly fund events from the STEM directories (My page on the directory is here, application for the grants, start here).
  • British Science Association (grant info here…)
  • Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (grant info here…)

General Requirements:

If delivering a session at your venue I will usually need the following setup:

  • A projector and screen, large enough and bright enough for the audience to all see clearly.
  • I need to be able to plug in my own laptop: video via HDMI or VGA, sound via 3.5mm jack, and 240V power supply
  • I need to be able to access my laptop during the presentation (i.e. not all plugged in off-stage, or in a sound booth somewhere) – a table at the front or on stage is great.
  • A radio microphone (lapel or lav microphone) if the venue normally requires it (rough guide:  if it’s for more than 100 people then I’d recommend one)
  • Set-up time (if possible around 20 mins in the venue before any audience is present to check set-up of projector and sound etc)

If any of these are likely to be a problem we can probably work around it, but I do need to know! I can bring more of my own equipment/cables if I know to do so in advance.

If in doubt – just get in touch and ask.