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Thu, 31st Dec, 2015
All over the place
It's too hard to enter everything in here manually, so we're working on a more efficient way of doing it... rest assured I'm still doing stuff! Get in touch [contact page] if you want to find out if I'm available to come near you...
Thu, 18th Dec, 2014
Exeter Maths School
EMS Christmas Lectures
Wed, 17th Dec, 2014
St Austell
Maths Talk
Sat, 13th Dec, 2014
RI Maths Masterclass
Mon, 8th Dec, 2014
PD Lead Course
Wed, 3rd Dec, 2014
Keynote FP1 CPD Day
Thu, 20th Nov, 2014
KS4 Extension and Enrichment CPD
Thu, 20th Nov, 2014
Maths Inspiration
Wed, 19th Nov, 2014
Exeter Maths School
Exeter Maths School – how to present maths – workshop
Thu, 13th Nov, 2014
Manchester RNCM
Maths Inspiration
Wed, 12th Nov, 2014
Manchester RNCM
Maths Inspiration
Tue, 11th Nov, 2014
Aylesbury Grammar
Aylesbury Grammar Maths Day
Tue, 11th Nov, 2014
Kings Chester
Kings Chester School talk
Sat, 8th Nov, 2014
Cheltenham Ladies College
Cheltenham Ladies College – workshops
Thu, 6th Nov, 2014
Parkstone Grammar, Poole
Parkstone Grammar School Talk
Thu, 6th Nov, 2014
Bournemouth School for Girls
BSG Talk
Wed, 5th Nov, 2014
Millfield School, Somerset
Millfield School Talk
Sat, 1st Nov, 2014
MathsJam Annual Conference
Mon, 20th Oct, 2014
University of Bath
University of Bath MEGAMENGER BUILD
Wed, 15th Oct, 2014
Bloomsbury, London
Keynote FP2 CPD course
Mon, 13th Oct, 2014
Bordesley Green School Birmingham
Bordesley Green School Talks
Wed, 1st Oct, 2014
Exeter Maths School
Student Community Launch Event
Tue, 30th Sep, 2014
Whitgift School
Whitgift School Talk
Tue, 22nd Jul, 2014
Exeter College
Geogebra – Exeter Teacher Network
Fri, 11th Jul, 2014
Queen Mary University
Queen Mary Maths Day
Fri, 11th Jul, 2014
Cambridge Maths Day
Thu, 10th Jul, 2014
Queen Mary University
Queen Mary Maths Day
Wed, 9th Jul, 2014
Royal Holloway
Royal Holloway Maths Day
Tue, 8th Jul, 2014
South Devon College
South Devon College CPD
Fri, 4th Jul, 2014
Oxford Maths Day
Thu, 3rd Jul, 2014
University of Essex
University of Essex Maths Day
Tue, 1st Jul, 2014
Kingston University
Kingston Maths Day
Thu, 26th Jun, 2014
Keele University
MEI Conference
After Dinner Speaker
Mon, 23rd Jun, 2014
Bristol University
Take Maths Further
Fri, 20th Jun, 2014
Plymouth Uni
Let Maths Take You Further
Fri, 13th Jun, 2014
Keynote Further Pure CPD
Tue, 29th Apr, 2014
Millfield School, Somerset
Geogebra CPD
Fri, 25th Apr, 2014
STEAM Museum, Swindon
Maths Day at STEAM
Mon, 14th Apr, 2014
Nottingham University
BCME Conference
Wed, 2nd Apr, 2014
Leeds University
W.P. Milne Lecture
Mon, 31st Mar, 2014
South Wilts Grammar School
South Wilts Maths Day
Tue, 25th Mar, 2014
Hardenhuish School, Chippenham
Hardenhuish Maths Day
Mon, 17th Mar, 2014
Broadoak School, Weston-super-Mare
Broadoak School Talk
Fri, 14th Mar, 2014
Writhlington, Somerset
Writhlington School Talk
Tue, 11th Mar, 2014
St Edwards, Poole
St Edwards School Talk
Tue, 25th Feb, 2014
Wellington School, Somerset
Tom Passmore Memorial Lecture
Tue, 4th Feb, 2014
Warwick Uni
GCSE Extension & Enrichment CPD Day
FMSP Professional Development
Wed, 29th Jan, 2014
Canford School
Take Maths To The Limit
Pretty Irrational
Fri, 24th Jan, 2014
Wellsway School
Maths Talks and workshops
Thu, 23rd Jan, 2014
Sherborne Girls School
Maths Talk – Creation Of Number
Tue, 21st Jan, 2014
West Somerset College
Maths Talks
Tue, 17th Dec, 2013
Maths Inspiration
Mon, 16th Dec, 2013
Lyme Regis
Woodroffe School
Wed, 4th Dec, 2013
Maths Inspiration
Tue, 3rd Dec, 2013
Commonweal School, Swindon
Commonweal School
Tue, 19th Nov, 2013
Palace Theatre, London
Maths Inspiration
Wed, 13th Nov, 2013
Parkstone Grammar School, Poole
Parkstone STEP Maths Day
Mon, 11th Nov, 2013
Warwick Uni
Fri, 8th Nov, 2013
Taunton School
Geogebra CPD
Sat, 2nd Nov, 2013
Yarnfield Park, Stone
MathsJam Annual Conference
Wed, 30th Oct, 2013
Liverpool Uni
Liverpool Maths Society Talk
Thu, 24th Oct, 2013
Tiverton School, Tiverton
Tiverton School
Mon, 21st Oct, 2013
Bournemouth School for Boys
FMSP Further Pure Maths Day
Thu, 10th Oct, 2013
Poole Grammar School, Poole
Geogebra CPD
Thu, 15th Aug, 2013
Green Man Festival
Maths Busking!
Fri, 12th Jul, 2013
Queen Mary Uni, London
Year 10 Maths Day
Thu, 11th Jul, 2013
Kingston Uni, London
Kingston Maths Day
Wed, 10th Jul, 2013
Queen Mary Uni, London
Year 10 Maths Day
Fri, 5th Jul, 2013
Sir Bernard Lovell School, Bristol
Sir Bernard Lovell Maths Day
Thu, 4th Jul, 2013
Exeter Uni
Year 10 Maths Day
Wed, 3rd Jul, 2013
Bournemouth Uni
Take Maths Further
Tue, 2nd Jul, 2013
Magdalen College, Oxford
Magdalen College Talk
Mon, 1st Jul, 2013
Greenwich Theatre, London
Maths Inspiration – Year 10 talks for DVD
Thu, 27th Jun, 2013
Keele Uni
MEI Conference
Fri, 21st Jun, 2013
Plymouth Uni
Let Maths Take You Further
Thu, 20th Jun, 2013
Plymouth Uni
FMSP Geogebra CPD
Wed, 19th Jun, 2013
Court Fields School, Wellington, Somerset
Court Fields School Talks
Mon, 17th Jun, 2013
Lydiard Park Academy, Swindon
Lydiard Park Talks
Fri, 17th May, 2013
Warwick Uni
FMSP Problem Solving Day
Professional Development for Teachers
Thu, 9th May, 2013
Glebelands School, Cranleigh
Glebelands School Talks
Two talks to school classes, and one to the community in the evening
Fri, 19th Apr, 2013
Malmesbury School
Malmesbury School
Thu, 11th Apr, 2013
Gloucester Uni
Maths For Everyone
Mon, 25th Mar, 2013
Plymouth Uni
Plymouth Maths Event
Plymouth Maths Event
Thu, 21st Mar, 2013
Cheltenham College
FP1 Training Day
Wed, 20th Mar, 2013
Avon Valley School
Maths Enrichment Event
Thu, 14th Mar, 2013
Maths Inspiration
Mon, 4th Mar, 2013
Malmesbury School
STEP Maths Day
Fri, 8th Feb, 2013
Talks at Kingshill School
Thu, 31st Jan, 2013
Clapton Girls Academy
Talks at Clapton Girls Academy
Talks to year 11 and sixth form
Fri, 11th Jan, 2013
Wolverhampton University
Geogebra Training Day
Geogebra training for teachers
Tue, 18th Dec, 2012
St Austell, Cornwall
Year 10 Maths Day
Thu, 6th Dec, 2012
Dauntsey's School
Maths Lecture
Maths lecture to year 9 and 10
Thu, 29th Nov, 2012
Poole Grammar School
Extension and Enrichment Day
Teachers Professional Development day - to explore ways to stretch and inspire GCSE students.
Tue, 20th Nov, 2012
Maths Inspiration
Rob Eastaway's Maths Inspiration days are an amazing way to see some of the best public speakers on the Maths circuit.
Thu, 15th Nov, 2012
Science Oxford
Famelab Regional Final
Regional Final of Famelab competition. Come and watch - it's free and should be fun. http://www.scienceoxford.com/live/whats-on-events/famelab-final-2012
Thu, 15th Nov, 2012
Stanchester Academy - Yeovil
GCSE Problem Solving Day
Tue, 6th Nov, 2012
Parkstone Grammar School
Maths Day
A Maths day for 6th formers around Poole.
Thu, 25th Oct, 2012
Maths Busking
Wed, 24th Oct, 2012
Canford School
Truth and Beauty in Maths
A lecture as part of the Truth and Beauty week at Canford. Is maths true because it's beautiful? Or is it beautiful because it's true?
Wed, 10th Oct, 2012
Canford School
The Maths of Arcadia
A brief introduction to the Mathematics that turns up in Tom Stoppard's play "Arcadia" - Iterated Algorithms,thermodynamics and the Descent into Chaos.
Tue, 9th Oct, 2012
On the web!
Online lecture for FMSP Wales
"Creation of Number" - delivered as the introduction to an online course for the Further Pure 1 A-level module, for students and teachers. Specifically a introduction to the world of complex numbers!
Sat, 6th Oct, 2012
Canford School
SHINE – Enrichment for year 6 students
Some Beautiful and Magical Maths for visiting year 6 students
Fri, 28th Sep, 2012
Canford School
Creation Of Number – Connections
A lecture to all year 10s at Canford on the origins of number - invented or discovered?
Sat, 8th Sep, 2012
British Science Festival
Kevin Houston, Rob Sturman and myself talk about being "In Tune With Mathematics" - how and why the world of maths fundamentally shapes the world of music. Also how we can reverse engineer mysterious music with a bit of maths... Just what did the Beatles play at the beginning of "A Hard Day's Night"?
Mon, 6th Aug, 2012
Guitar Making Course
Ok, I know it's not (pure) maths, but it's gonna be pretty cool...
Thu, 28th Jun, 2012
Keele University
MEI Conference
Maths in Education and Industry (MEI) annual conference
Wed, 27th Jun, 2012
Poole Grammar School (TBC)
Take Maths Further
Year 10 Maths Conference
Tue, 24th Apr, 2012
South Wilts Grammar School
Year 10 Maths Enrichment
Tue, 10th Apr, 2012
Keele University
MA Conference
Mathematical Association Annual Conference, lecture slots 1F (Tue 1530) and 3F (Wed 0905)
Wed, 28th Mar, 2012
Lighthouse, Poole
Maths Inspiration!
Thu, 22nd Mar, 2012
Malmesbury School, Wilts
Year 11/12 Maths Talks
Tue, 20th Mar, 2012
Hardenhuish School
Year 10 maths talk
Wed, 29th Feb, 2012
Gloucester University, Oxtalls Campus
“Take Maths Further” Conference
Conference for year 10 mathematicians.
Tue, 28th Feb, 2012
Chafyn Grove School
Magical Maths
Year 6 Magic and Maths!
Tue, 31st Jan, 2012
Year 10/11 Team Maths Challenge
Fri, 13th Jan, 2012
Woodrofe School, Lyme Regis
Woodrofe School Maths Lecture
Tue, 3rd Jan, 2012
Worthing College
A-level Active Day
Wed, 14th Dec, 2011
Maths Day
Tue, 13th Dec, 2011
St Austell
Maths Day
Mon, 5th Dec, 2011
Dauntsey's School
Enrichment talk
Fri, 25th Nov, 2011
Hardenhuish School
Federation Day (Maths Teachers)
Thu, 17th Nov, 2011
Science Oxford
FameLab Regional Final
Through to the second round - look up this link http://goo.gl/VApgC to see (a slightly rushed!) first round video.
Sat, 12th Nov, 2011
MathsJam Annual Conference
Tue, 8th Nov, 2011
Parkstone School for Girls - Poole
Year 11 & 12 Enrichment
Thu, 3rd Nov, 2011
Winchcombe School
Year 11/10 Enrichment
Thu, 3rd Nov, 2011
Kingshill School - Cirencester
Year 10 and Year 9 Talks
Enrichment for GCSE students
Tue, 25th Oct, 2011
Heat. What I am doing?
Tue, 11th Oct, 2011
South Wilts Grammar School
Year 11 Enrichment
Tue, 20th Sep, 2011
Willett Arms, Wimborne
Tue, 13th Sep, 2011
Warwick University
FMSP Area Coordinators Conference
Thu, 30th Jun, 2011
Keele University
MEI Conference
Session A6, 12pm-1pm, room CBA1.098
Wed, 29th Jun, 2011
Bournemouth University
Take Maths Further
Year 10 conference
Fri, 24th Jun, 2011
FMSP South-West Enrichment Day
Fri, 15th Apr, 2011
MA Conference
Mon, 21st Mar, 2011
Abbeyfield School, Chippenham
Year 10 Maths Day
Fri, 11th Mar, 2011
Big Bang Fair
Maths Busking!
Wed, 16th Feb, 2011
Canford School, Dorset
Take Maths to the Limit
6th Form conference
Tue, 14th Dec, 2010
St Austell, Cornwall
Year 10 Maths day
Tue, 9th Nov, 2010
Maths Busking
Fri, 17th Sep, 2010
Kingston University
Year 10 Maths Day
Fri, 25th Jun, 2010
Gloucester Maths Day
Year 10/11 Maths Event
Wed, 23rd Jun, 2010
Bournemouth University
Take Maths Further 2010
Year 10 Maths Day
Fri, 18th Jun, 2010
Royal Institution Speaker Day
Tue, 8th Jun, 2010
Manchester University
How To Talk Maths In Public
Tue, 9th Mar, 2010
Year 10 Maths Day
Wed, 10th Feb, 2010
Canford School
Take Maths To The Limit
6th Form Maths Conference
Tue, 20th Oct, 2009
Sherborne Maths Day
Wed, 3rd Jun, 2009
Bournemouth University
Take Maths Further
Wed, 11th Feb, 2009
Bryanston School
Take Maths To The Limit